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Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Empower Network"

I want introduce you "Empower Network"

What is Empower Network about:

Empower Network sells blogs.
A blog is a personal website, where you can promote your products, your opinion or what you want to give to the people all over the world.
With the connection to the Empower Network site, your blog has the advantage of the 80000 crosslinks of the main site.
With this, and your keywords for your blog and every single post, you will be at the first search results, when someone is looking for your keywords in google.
And that is very much worth nowadays because the internet is and will be the future.
There are currently 5 products inside of empower network:

  1. The EN Basic Membership At               $25/month
  2. The Inner Circle Audios At                    $100/month
  3. The Costa Rica Intensive At                 $500 One Time
  4. The $15K Formula At                           $1,000 One Time
  5. The Costa Rica Masters Course At        $3,500 One Time
Until now that was the description of the Empower products and now you have the chance to become an affiliate (19,95$/month for recommending), distribute this products and use this unique network system for your own to earn money.
The network system of Empower is very simple to understand.
The most important thing is that you receive 100 % commission for your recommendations.
Here is an example: (see picture)
You talk to 6 people (3 will be your direct ones), and this 3 people will also talk to 6 people (from this 6 people you get 3) and once more exactly the same -> every talks to 6 and you get 3
3 x 3 x 3 = 27 x ( $ 25,- + $ 100,-) = $ 3,375,-/month FOR YOU!