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Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Losing Reality"

"Losing Reality"

Look around you, nobody have time more for each other.
Everybody is busy with something.
The most sit the whole day with their fucking nose in their mobile.
Playing games. and not hear anything beside them.
The lose the world, reality, and there (best) friends.
When I walk in a Bangkok on the streets with there many "Game-Shops" the sit day and night full of youngsters playing games.
Is this our future?
When you want to employ one of them, the stupid same hell, the only have knowledge about games.
Not one of them, can write their own name in a common language. and have a school license in there pocket with English education.

It is good to have a mobile phone, but use it with your brains.
Not lose your good friends and destroy your life with "Games"