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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thai Friendship

When you married in the west, you married a wife.
When you married in Thailand, you married the whole family too.
When you're not strong enough the use you only for money.

I give you example:
A girl ask me to visit her village.
I say, I want to look your country but only for a few holidays.
She agree, and we booking a trip up country.
We come in her village, and the same minute the halve village stay around us.
The speak of course Thai, but I understand what the talking about.
Their first question was "He has money" > The second to the girl, you go married with him, than we can arrange a party.

I listen and say (in Thai) I come only look your nice country.
From that moment the mother, not like to speak me anymore.
I say to the girl, come (when you want) we take a hotel in a neighbor village or city.

The friendship was already broken.