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Monday, August 31, 2015

Thai Police Reward The Police With 3m Baht In Bangkok Bomb Case

When I first seen the news that Pol Gen Somyot Poompunmoung said the police team who tracked down the Bangkok bomb suspect arrested on Saturday afternoon were being rewarded with 3 million baht my first thought was, isn’t that their job?

As it turns out it’s not that “reward” money but cash donated by the police chief himself and a few of his mates to say thanks to the investigators for their hard work.

Of course, that does put things in a new light and thankfully it isn’t another PR disaster for authorities at a time when they are neck deep in the smelly stuff after amongst other blunders showing a suicide bombers vest during the televised announcement on Saturday evening when revealing information about the capture of a suspect in Nong Chok district earlier in the day making it appear it was found during the raid.

Anyway, some rich cops have just made some poor cops a little richer.