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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Koh Samet unveils new mermaid statue embodying motherly love

A new and beautiful check-in spot has opened up for locals and tourists alike at the ever so popular Sai Kaew Beach, literally “the beach of glass sand” here on Samed Island. Perched atop the soft white grains is the new and improved mermaid statue, the more modern counterpart of the national classic Pra Apai Manee’s mermaid that has stood the test of time and inspired many readers, students of literature, and lovers alike as they looked out on the gentle waves. Many generations of Thai children grew up with the statue as the front cover of their literature textbooks and as inspiration for all the magical and wonderful creatures a child envisions.

The statue has always been and will always be about the beauty of love. In this current interpretation, creator Haritorn Akarapat, master sculptor whose works are greatly unique and nationally renowned takes inspiration from the love of “Nang Nguek” and “Sutsakorn”, characters from the classic and powerful literary creation of Sunthorn Phu, a national poet. Combined with the natural beauty of the island, the statue reflects the connections between Mother Nature and the creatures under her love and care, not unlike the generosity between mother and child. Nothing epitomizes “true love” like the unconditional love of a mother.

 And in turn, the Rayong province officials are showing some love to nature with the new landscaping project of the beach and the surrounding areas to provide the island with a beautiful front, welcoming tourists, both foreign and local, making it a breath-taking and blog-worthy spot, if there ever was one. With new signs for important shrines, hills, multipurpose open area, sturdy stairs, and a large parking space, the beach is more equipped than ever for those who are looking to take in nature’s stunning sights, looking on as “True Love” becomes a new symbol of love, life, and happiness with every visit, reminding us to love nature back and preserve its splendor for years to come. 

The landscaping project is undertaken by PTT Group, intending to participate in the development of Rayong, dubbed a second home for the company, in both social and economic aspects, in conjunction with Rayong Province, Laem Yah national park, Samed Islands, District Administration, Open Local Government Units, and communities on the island.  

And for those of you, who are worried about the original statue, fret not. The mermaid statue, along with the Pra Apai Manee statue have been repainted to revive their full glory and have been moved to the foot of the hill leading to the multipurpose open area where children can run and play and look on in wonder as most of us did when we first read the stories.

 It is definitely worth a trip to soak in all the joys nature has to offer and to witness an artistic masterpiece that blends in so beautifully with the scenery. When Instagramming this marvel, don’t forget to #Welovesamet so we can all look back on the commencement of Sai Kaew Beach’s new era together.

Source: Coconuts