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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Indigenous 'leopard cat' attacked by dog has recovered and been released into Phuket jungle


Wildlife officials released a leopard cat into the wild on Wednesday near Bang Pae Waterfall in Phuket after the feline was rescued from a dog attack.

Jindarat Radchawongsa reported late last month that her sister had spotted the leopard cat while driving home, explained Piyawat Sukont, Chief of the Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Non-Hunting Area in Thalang.

“The sister saw a cat being attacked by a dog at Phanason Kathu Village, and called a rescue foundation to safely recover the cat,” he said.

The woman had no idea that the cat was a wildcat indigenous to the region, as it is no larger than a regular domesticated feline,” Chief Piyawat explained.


“She learned the it was a leopard cat only after she got home and saw what people said after she posted photos on Facebook,” he added.

“After she learned what the cat really was, we received a call to come and collect it, and we took it to a wildlife rescue shelter in Phuket to be treated for its injuries,” Chief Piyawat added.