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Monday, June 26, 2017

Indonesia - 10 beaches to visit in #Yogyakarta

Many of us identify Yogyakarta with Malioboro and Prambanan temple. While the two places are certainly a must-visit, if you still have a few more days to explore the city this holiday season, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya encourages you to visit Yogyakarta's beaches. 

"Take a lot of pictures, upload them to your social media channels and use the hashtags #MudikPenuhPesona, #WisataJalurMudik and #PesonaCeritaMudik," he said. 

 Here are 10 must-visit beaches around Yogyakarta.

Siung Beach
Located around 70 kilometers and about two-hour drive from the center of Yogyakarta, Siung Beach is mostly known for its huge corals and cliffs. The cliffs, especially, are haven for rock-climbing enthusiasts. There are more than 250 rock-climbing routes available at this beach. And for those who are keen to spending a night under the stars, there’s also a campsite available.

Pok Tunggal Beach
This white sand beach is one the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta. The beach itself is relatively new to the public, as it first gained recognition back in 2012. What’s unique about this beach is that there’s actually freshwater springs that comes from the river flow running beneath the soil.

Indrayanti Beach
The real name of this beach is actually Sawal Pulang or Pulsa Beach, the name Indrayanti is actually the name of a café’s owner whose business is located at the beach. Along the way, people began to associate the beach with Indrayanti and the name sticks until today.
This white sand beach is pretty well-known among tourists as lodgings, cafes and restaurants are already available in the area. The distance between Yogyakarta and Indrayanti beach is around 65.8 kilometers, or around two-hour drive from the city.

Sundak Beach
The story behind the name of Sundak Beach is actually pretty interesting, legend has it that in 1976 there was a pet dog who was playing there and it somehow got lost into a cave. Inside the cave, the dog saw a porcupine and wanted to eat it. This led into a fight between the two animals. 
In the end, the dog won the fight and the name Sundak was born; an acronym of asu (dog) and landak (porcupine). Before the name Sundak was coined, the beach was called Wedibelah.

Krakal Beach
Located in Tanjungsari district, Krakal Beach offers a view of white sandy beach and coral reefs found at the shore. The waves at this place are friendly enough for surfers and there are numerous hotels and restaurants there to welcome visitors.

Goa Cemara Beach
The beach is called Goa Cemara due to the fact that you will encounter rows of pine trees that create an illusion of entering a cave made of pine trees on your way to the beach. Those who are looking to enjoy the beach from a different angle may want to go to the lighthouse to see it from above. 

Baru Bantul Beach
Baru Bantul Beach is still in the same lane with Goa Cemara, Kuwaru, Pandan Sari and Pandan Simo beaches. Bantul Baru Beach is known for its seafood eateries. 

Depok Beach
Depok Beach is mostly known as the place for fish auctions (TPI) that sells many varieties of fish and other sea creatures.

Samas Beach
Just like in Goa Cemara Beach, Samas Beach also has a lighthouse that visitors can go. Since the shoreline of this beach is steep, it’s not advisable to swim your way too far beyond the shoreline. On the east side of Samas Side, there’s a new attraction called Pesona Pengklik (The Wonder of Pengklik) lagoon, which is currently being developed.

Parangtritis Beach
Probably the most famous beach in Yogyakarta, Parangtritis Beach is located close to other beaches such as Parangkusumo Beach, Parangendog Beach and Depok Beach. Apart from playing in the water, visitors can also tour around the beach using a bendi (horse-drawn carriage) or ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). 
Source - TheJakartaPost