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Saturday, June 24, 2017

This untouched beach in central #Vietnam will take your breath away

Bai Dong, which literally means Eastern Beach, is located on the Nghi Son Peninsula in Tinh Gia District, 60km (37 miles) from Thanh Hoa Town. Every weekend, the beach is filled with visitors from the north of Vietnam. Photos by Hong Nhung

The newly-discovered Bai Dong Beach is wowing locals with its sparkling blue waters, white sands and delicious seafood. 

 The beach is with white sand and blue sea.

 Bai Dong is over 200km south of Hanoi. You can travel by coach from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa’s Nghi Son Economic Zone, then take a taxi or a motorbike taxi the next five kilometers to the beach.

 Restaurants located by the sea offer a variety of options.

 Resorts, hotels, and hostels are available to meet your accommodation needs. The cheapest hostel will cost you VND200,000 (less than $9) for a night.

Source - VN Express