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Friday, 7 June 2019

Electric boats will help alleviate some of #Bangkok’s air pollution

As part of yesterday’s World Environment Day, the UN Environment Program Agency says they’re working with local partners in Thailand to find new ways to mitigate dangerous emissions. One idea put forward yesterday was the development of electric public transport in Bangkok’s klongs (canals) that could help solve two of the city’s biggest problems – traffic congestion and air pollution.

UNEP says a team was now working with the Climate and Clean Air Coalition as well as the Thai Pollution Control Department on a project to assess the impact canal-based public transport can have on air pollution in the city.

Bert Fabian, program officer in the Air Quality and Mobility Unit, says the international agency and its Thai partners are identifying the types and amount of pollutants being emitted from boats plying the klongs in Bangkok.

Fabian says Bangkok suffers annual bouts of severe air pollution and this previously unmeasured source may be a significant contributing factor.
“We want to improve the air we breathe but we can’t do this without the best possible data.”

He ventured that once the operators replace their ageing, polluting diesel boats with electric vessels, the city’s network of klongs would potentially offer a clean alternative and have a marked impact on both traffic congestion and air pollution in Bangkok.

Sonthi Kotchawat, a prominent environmental health expert, also said that discarding all diesel fuels used around the city would be key to tackling Bangkok’s larger air-pollution problems.
Thailand’s transport sector is the largest source of air pollution in Bangkok and a recent study found that vehicle exhaust fumes contribute up to 52 per cent of the pollution.

He added that diesel engine exhaust is by far the worst pollutant as the combustion of diesel releases the highest amount of harmful PM2.5, very fine particulate matter, and other hazardous substances. He also warned that the ultra fine, which is even smaller and more harmful than PM2.5, is generated by diesel combustion as well, which further adds to the health hazard of toxic air pollution.

Source - The Thaiger and TheNation

Friday, 12 February 2016

Bangkok - All-in-one BTS, MRT ‘Spider card’ to launch in August

The dream of zipping in and out of the BTS and MRT with one single travelcard will soon come true for Bangkokians as officials plan to launch a common ticketing system in August.

Introduced under the name "mangmoom” card or "spider” card in English, the universal ticket can be used as payment for several public transportation systems including the BTS, MRT, Airport Rail Link, buses and also for the expressways and motorway.

Why mangmoom? Just like spiders that spin webs to go everywhere, this ticket can be used to travel anywhere.
The THB338 million project will be submitted to the cabinet for approval this month, according to Padej Praditpetch, director of Thai Common Ticket Office.

“In the next six months, we will test the new common ticketing system,” Padej said. “The service will be launched in August.”

While the ticketing systems for the operating train stations and tollways will need to be replaced, the new batch of NGV buses and the future BTS Purple Line will be launched ready to use the mangmoom card.

Padej expects the ticketing system to be fully operational by the end of this year, Prachachart reported. 

The integrated ticketing system that will let you zip in and out of the BTS and MRT with ease will be called the Mangmoom (Spider) Card.

The Transport Ministry’s Thai Common Ticket Office revealed the winning design by Wanthicha Aneksittisan yesterday and to be he honest it looks like the calcified tentacles of a spider -- but whatever, as long as it’s convenient, we’ll use it.

Why Mangmoom, you ask? Just like spiders that spin webs to go everywhere, this uni-ticket can be used to go anywhere in Bangkok using the BTS and MRT by August and, soon, the Airport Link, buses, expressways, boats, vans and taxis.

The Spider Card also be used at shops and services.

Source: Coconuts 

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