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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Celebrities on Hooters Bangkok’s delightfully tacky launch party.

Sek Loso at Hooters

Hooters, the long-admired American chain restaurant famous for tackiness and large-breasted female servers, opened its first Bangkok branch on Friday night.

"Damnnnnnnnn. Look at that thang!" was the emotion on most of the (mostly male) guests who showed up at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel to get their first taste of Hooters magic.

 Of courses, they totally lost their cool because of the variations menus and breast portion sizes available.

The very ambitious Hooters “job fair” was announced in June, and the Bangkok ladies who made the cut reportedly received training by original American Hooters gals on how to strut their stuff and serve fried chicken.
One of the trainers commented at the party that the Bangkok Hooters girls did a phenomenal job, despite the fact some ladies looked a bit annoyed as they had to squeeze through a packed crowd to serve the food
Besides local Hooters girls, some Euro models were hired to look hot and tell the guests that they didn’t work there.
The highlight of the night had to be an adorable cupid-shuffle dance from the waitresses, continuing Hooters’ wonderful tradition of family friendliness.

Source: Coconuts