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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Value of Posting

* The Value of Posting on Facebook *

(Also your Thai staff have to listen)
There many options to reach more Future Viewers / Customers.
Use a Hashtag ### for your Post - Example ‪#‎Bangkok‬ - But 'NOT' to much.
Not post quickly, but post with your heart. (and you go see the results)
After the posting, you click on the picture and "AD LOCATION" . so you become in the Facebook (map) dictionary. (Great value)

Same your Profile Picture.
Facebook & Google has Face-Recognizing.
Use a recent photo of your self, not a picture from the past or your baby, that has not any value. 

* Another Value *

Give your Profile & Cover Picture a real good description.
Eventually with your business / website-link.
In a week Facebook & Google search pick this up, and you go see the results.

We go continue give free SEO tips.
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