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Saturday, 28 June 2014


Do you have your own Domain-Name on your own Name ?

 Your Domain-Name is your signature on the web.
It belong to you and NOT to somebody else.
Also NOT your Hosting Provider !!!

We advice you check your belongings. (Regular)

Personal I lose a Domain-Name (including website)
On a corrupt Hosting Provider in Chalong / Phuket.
I owns this Domain-Name over 10 years.
I was so stupid to believe a Corrupt / Fake Facebook member.

It is your business and your life, what you build up.
One #Fake Hosting Provider can destroy your Business and your Total Life !!!

Choice a safe Hosting Prover like

You can also protect your own Domain-Name !

It is a shame when you lose your business.

When your Domain-Name is not more on your own name, take action and alert it on:

Tray make it public and move your belongings to another safe Hosting provider.
Take absolutely NOT a Thai Hosting Provider.
Thai Servers are Slow and Trustless. 

Good luck.