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Monday, 9 February 2015


On everything comes an end.
So also on working time.
When I count all my working hours in my life, I must already be over 100 years.
But it is now time to stop. (slowly)
I was in 2014 already very busy with all the documents for my retirement.
To become all this papers and connections that all not match. (give a lot of stress)
Now I go do a big step back and go more relax and enjoy my life.
I want spend more time on traveling (hobby) and on advice.
I want give over my knowledge on people the it really appreciated.

I been used the last years through different wrong people.
We live in a dangerous time, we must think twice, for we go trust someone.
I fell in Phuket in a trap, of an Idiot. (2011-2012)
I lose there my company, belongings and my dignity.

This Dutch Idiot is/was broke and write poems to become more victims. (Brainwashing)
I want really warning you for this sort of very dangerous Idiots.

I have lose with this experience the confident in people. (Never has that before)

You can still contact me.
Same I write before, "I'm the most social guy of the planet".
I'm still your friend, and always be there when you need my help.

After when you want visit me, I give you my address in Cambodia.