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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Gerrit Tienkamp Vs Peter.Bkk

Gerrit Tienkamp Vs Peter.Bkk

A idiot in Phuket blame me for using the name "Peter.Bkk"

I want explain you, I have nothing to hide !
When you come for a holiday in Thailand it is no problem.
But when you live in Thailand, and you use a name the nobody can speak out, you need a nickname !

When I say to a Thai friend or customer: "my name is Gerrit"
the ask me many times say it again.
Thai people NOT use the RRRR in a there own language.
The use it in writing but the not use it on talking.

The can NOT speak (difficult) a "R" in the middle of a word.
On the end of a word is no problem, the also speak than a word half.
Or the change the R to a L when the talk.

That's why I use for many years a nickname.
I have nothing to hide, (what this idiot in Phuket suggest)

Long time ago on a party, I have this problem also.
People ask me name, and I must repeat it many times.
Then my friend say: 'use your nickname' (before not have)
After in whole Thailand know me as "Peter.Bkk"

The problem was solved.
'Thanks my friend Hans' (in khon Kaen)