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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Thailand PM urges bombers to surrender for own safety

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Wednesday urged bombers who attacked Bangkok this week to turn themselves in for their own safety, saying, otherwise, they could be killed. 

The bombers could be murdered
by the masterminds who hired them to set off explosives at the Erawan shrine and Sathorn pier, Gen Prayut said, expanding on an earlier remark by national police chief Somyot Pumpunmuang that the suspects in the attacks were part of a "network." 

"They know authorities are determined to catch the bombers" and may kill them to ensure their silence, the general said. 

 "I would like to tell those behind the incidents that if they want to be safe, they should turn themselves in. Officials will work out legal solutions to guarantee their safety. It is better than hiding,"
the prime minister said.

Gen Prayut urged the public to look out for and report people who planned violent attacks, saying they would be easy to spot because they're generally amateurs who would be acting strangely and trying to disguise their appearances. 

He noted that CCTV cameras at both the Ratchprasong intersection and Sathorn pier have given authorities clear indications of the suspects' movements. 

 While not disclosing more information about the suspects, the general did rule out that Uighur Muslim terrorists were behind the bombings, saying that if that had been the case, an Uighur group would have 
claimed responsibility by now.

 He attempted to soothe the public by saying violent incidents can happen anywhere in the world at any time because people lacked morality and awareness of the damage that can result from their actions. 
 Source: BangkokPost

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