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Saturday, 3 June 2017

#Myanmar (Burma) Shwedagon Pagoda entry fee increase put on hold

Shwedagon trustees have suspended plans to increase the entrance free of the pagoda for about six more months after getting a directive by the department of archaeology, national museum and library under the ministry of religious affairs and culture.

 The board of trustees of Shwedagon pagoda had intended to increase the entrance fees from K 8,000 to K 10,000 from June 1. The announcement had been made in early May.

According to an archeology department directive they had to report six months ahead before any increase was made and that’s why they weren’t allowed to do it.

“This is not only applicable to the Shwedagon pagoda but also for all things happening in the country. A discussion must be made with the stakeholders involved first before making a final decision on policy. It is very important,” Daw May Myat Mon Win, vice chairman of Myanmar Tourism Federation told The Myanmar Times.

“This is because although the change in entrance fee does not affect the free independent traveller it does affect package tour operators as they have sold their packages a year in advance. This means they cannot amend the prices in their itinerary,” U Ye Tun Oo, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Myanmar travel and destination told The Myanmar Times.

So the Union of Myanmar Travel Association, UMTA submitted to the ministry of religious affairs and culture that notice of six months should be given for any price change according to a press release on May 31 by UMTA.

“It is better if they took more time to discuss this and with more people so there are more options. For instance, recently Siem Reap increased the entrance fee to almost double the original amount but no one complained about that. So we should copy their business model and see how countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia charge,” Daw May Myat Mon Win said.