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Monday, 22 October 2018

#Thailand - Marine protections ordered for #Samui to preserve ecosystem

THE DEPARTMENT of Marine and Coastal Resources has decreed protective measures for tourist destinations Samui, Pha-ngan and Tao islands in Surat Thani province that will halt several routine practices and popular activities.

Department director Jatuporn Burutpat signed the order in mid-August but it will not come into effect for 90 days after being published in the Royal Gazette. That puts it in effect at the end of next month.

The department said certain activities taking place on and around the islands had caused serious harm to marine and coastal resources, to the point that, if they are allowed to continue, the damage to the ecosystem could be irreparable.

“The protective measures are issued to cover areas of Tao, Pha-ngan and Samui islands in order to limit or suspend some activities that have had serious impacts on the resources there,” the decree says. “This is to mitigate the impacts while preserving the natural resources there.”
 The order aims to curtail four primary activities.

Boats will not be allowed to drop anchor on coral and must instead lash their anchors to the stationary buoys that are available.

No one will be allowed to feed marine creatures for any purpose, including tourism. 
“Sea walking” – an increasingly popular experience in which tourists don weights and air-fed helmets to walk around on the sea floor admiring the fish and coral – will be prohibited. 

Also banned is the dumping of wastewater and rubbish into the sea.

The anchoring and fish-feeding rules do not apply to authorities on duty or who are specially authorised by the department for work purposes.

The order will take effect at the end of November and remain in effect for two years.

Source - TheNation

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

#Indonesia - Palembang launches new tourist destinations ahead of 2018 Asian Games

The Palembang city administration in South Sumatra launched two new tourist destinations on Sunday, namely Tepian Sekanak Bersolek and Kampung Mural Gudang Bonjiet.
The city's Tourism Agency head Isnaini Madani said the two spots were part of Palembang's 13 highlighted tourist destinations prepared to welcome the 2018 Asian Games in August.
"Following its popularity on social media, now Tepian Sekanak Bersolek and Kampung Mural Gudang Bonjiet have officially become tourist destinations to welcome both domestic and foreign tourists," said Isnaini as quoted by Antara on Sunday.
The development of the two places, which feature colorful images and patterns, is said to be the result of a collaboration with PT ICI Paint Indonesia in South Sumatra as part of its corporate social responsibility program. 

"Employees of Palembang city's Public Works Agency and student volunteers worked together to paint the destinations," added Isnaini.
Tepian Sekanak Bersolek is said to be a pilot project as the city administration seeks to beautify all rivers across Palembang. "We are targeting to make all river areas prettier, but considering the current budget we will focus on Sekanak River first."
Source - TheJakartaPost