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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bad experience with Google My Business

Udomsuk 51, 121 (Google streetview picture)
Unbelievable to deal with Google My Business.
I want create a Google Business Page. "ASIAN BEST HOTELS"
Ok get started.
Follow the process, fill up all the information the ask for (included the pictures the ask for.
After the want send you a post card with a verification code.
Then the first stap go already wrong.
I receive a post card from Malaysia (PMK 0133)
Then i want verified my new page, with the inside 5 number code.
The system say "Wrong Code" what a mess.
I complain on email and phone.
I created a brand new Google my Business Page again, with all the same informations and pictures.
Than I receive several emails the want more informations > For what ???
The only think helps when you write the whole twitter full of complains.
I want only one thing and that is verified my new page and use it.
Now the want outside Sign-boards and again all the pictures.
We have a big Restaurant with a Travel Agency office on the 1th floor (I send them the picture)
We use 8 (Yes Eight) Travel "Best Hotel" websites
And we go use only one for main page for Google my Business.
What is wrong with Google my Business ???
The are crazy ?
Give me a verification code on messenger (Mobile) the know my number (the call several times) 
Corner sub-Soi 13/1
The shophouse with the green / white canopy on the left side is from me.
It all stay in Google maps and in their emails / twitters the can NOT find my location ?
Google my Business is for me the most worst experience.
Last Saturday we all saw a Google Streetview Car past my house.