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Thursday, 31 August 2017

#Thailand - Naked Facebook dancers apologise for setting bad example.

Two young women who appeared in a recent Facebook Live post dancing naked turned themselves in to police at Bangkok’s Bang Khen precinct on Thursday morning and apologised to the Thai public for their action that set a bad example for young people.

The surrender of Thanyakan Rojin, 23, and Kanthicha Buranon, 21, followed a police complaint filed on August 29 by Songkran Atchariyasap, a lawyer who chairs a Facebook-based network that professes to target threats to the nation, religion and monarchy. 

Songkran said he submitted to police five indecent clips that were published on Facebook from August 24 to last Saturday and went viral.

Arrest warrants were issued for the women on charges of performing a shameful act in public by indecently exposing themselves and violating the Computer Crime Act’s Section 14 (4). They were later released on Bt75,000 bail on the grounds that they did not pose a flight risk and had provided useful information implicating people who had hired them. 

They claimed they did not want to perform the lewd acts but they needed to earn money for their families and send younger siblings to school. 

Thanyakan said she and her friend performed the nude dances because they wanted more “likes” and “shares” for the page that had hired them, which would mean higher pay. She said if the post reached 10,000 views, she would receive more than Bt10,000. 

“I apologise to society because my action is a bad example for Thai youths. I didn’t want to do it. I did it out of the need to take care of my family. I want to warn younger people not to copy me as this is a bad thing. Don’t just think this is an easy way to make money, because what you do will stick with you until you die,” she said.
Kanthicha said she normally performed sexy online dances with Thanyakorn to boost “likes” and “shares” on their employer’s instructions. 

This time, they wanted to glean more attention and decided to remove all their clothes. She said she felt bad after the video received the attention of the police so she would stop performing sexy dances online.

Source - TheNation

Friday, 25 December 2015

Thailand - Exhibitionist model who posed naked in public to turn herself in

The model who posed naked in public wearing nothing but a few Thai traditional accessories is preparing to turn herself in after her nude shots went viral online, upsetting the officials of the district she was posing in.
The staff behind the photoshoot, which took place in Bangkok's Bang Khun Tien district, have contacted police and said they would hand over the model to the authorities within a few days as she still needs some time to get over the drama.

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While the district officials thought the photos could have been very old, it turns out that the shoot took place as recently as October on the wooden bridge to the mangrove, which has been sealed off from the public for renovation, according to Chaturong Ponglamjiek, director of Bang Khun Tien district.
Pol. Lt. Yod Withitpaphathamrong, Commander of Tien Talay police department, said the model would be punished with a THB500 fine maximum for public obscenity. He also has warned citizens who want to get naked in public to think of the country's morals and social values.
The district also wants to press further charges to the model and those responsible for the photoshoot for posting the naked photos online, which violates the Computer Crime Act.
While amused social network users have been debating whether the model is a ladyboy or not, police have not confirmed their suspicions, Matichon reported.

Source: Coconuts

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