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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hotel Menu & Travel Magazines.

When you look on a Restaurant or Hotel Menu, you see always beautiful pictures.
(made by professional photographers)
But when you order, the plate is smaller then it look on the picture, the steak is smaller, but nobody complains.

 The Pictures in a Travel Magazine are made on the same way.
(made by professional photographers with big lenses)
On the picture you see "Blue sea water" and "White sand beaches"
But in reality the are not same.
When you booking a Holiday trip in your own country by your nearest travel agency, 
the show you the most beautiful magazines.


It is always better when you ask the travel agent in the country where you want to go.
The know the most beautiful places, and can give you advice what your wishes. 
We give you also for you booking a personal advise.
We make your dream come true.

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