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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thailand - Press guide to be printed on royal cremation


THE government plans to publish a media guide about the coverage of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s royal cremation ceremonies.

The guide will be available in Thai and English.
The government will hand out 10,000 copies of the Thai version and 5,000 copies of the English version as media outlets across various platforms are set to cover the events.
The late King passed away on October 13 this year at the age of 89. His royal cremation is expected to take place within a year..

The event will be grand and befitting his royal status.
The publication will be part of the government’s public relations work for an occasion of great significance to the country..

An informed source said the public relations plan for the event had already been approved. “It will be implemented in three phases: ahead of, during and after the royal cremation ceremony,” the source said..

The PR panel for the royal cremation ceremonies met yesterday with PM’s Office Minister ML Panadda Diskul, who served as the chair.

The media guide is expected to cover the biography of the late king, his royal works, his talents and his passing. Also included will be knowledge of traditions related to royal cremation ceremonies..

The PR panel plans to conduct media activities to provide |relevant information to media outlets and the public in various other forms as well.
“There will be CDs and DVDs about his royal musical compositions, for example,” the source added..

TV and radio broadcasting, plus media centres would also be set up to carry out PR work during the royal cremation ceremonies.
The panel also plans to organise training for reporters in regard to the royal cremation ceremony, the source said.
Source: TheNation