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Monday, June 19, 2017

#Indonesia - Modangan Beach in Malang a haven for paragliding

Fans of paragliding should consider adding one more destination to their list of places to visit: Modangan Beach.

Located in Sumberoto village in Malang, East Java, the beach, which has recently been named a tourist village area, is known as a place associated with the aerospace industry.

 As paragliding serves as one of the beach’s main attractions, a local community, the Modangan Paragliding Club, employs senior paragliding coaches to train local youths to become paragliding athletes. The village is also home to a picturesque teak forest and several Instagrammable spots.

For those looking to spend a few days at the destination, Malang village is currently developing five homestay areas that occupy 1.5 hectares of land. The local administration reportedly plans to offer opportunities for the villagers to open their houses to be used as homestays for tourists.
Sumberoto village head Budi Utomo says the administration has plans to develop halal tourism at Modangan Beach, considering that the villagers are known to be religious.