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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

About Google Local Guides Connect

Google Local Guides Connect 

About a Real Local Guide and a Google Local Guide.

I'm a Dutch man, and live over 20 years in Asia (Thailand & Cambodia) and been an "Local Guide" for years. Recently I'm invited for Google Local Guides Connect !
All look nice, and after the first topic the ask, and I did that. "Introduce your self" But on a professional way, not same others as hello, hello, hello and hi, and that sort of bullshit, ...
I'm sorry my name is connected with over 400 other Social Media. (I build these Social Media Networks in the past.)
When there is an discussion about new Meet-Ups I offer my knowledge and want also create an Meet-Up here in Bangkok. And want invite people (who want to come) to my location, yes sorry again, I invite them in my restaurant. (Also registered in "Google my Business" I not want invite people for a meet-up on the streets like a Tramp.
But the not accept that and block or suspended my account ?

The next morning I can not login ?
Not any warning or mailing coming ?
And it is impossible to connect any moderator.
To continue I made a new Local Guides Connect account with an other Google Gmail But it is not allowed to have 2 accounts (I know that) But this is only temporary to try to contact someone for a solution.
Than @CorrieD (moderator) replay to me in the new account, and blame me for have 2 accounts, But how on an other way I can contact them.
Than she write my account has NOT any quality.
Who is the crazy one ?
I not write the whole community full with, hello hello hello, ....

An other big point is the topic I made about the safety in Thailand.
There was the last weekend on different locations 11 bombings in Thailand. And she name it #Spam !!!
I'm an professional Local Guide, And yes, I have a Travel Agency. What is wrong with that ?
We warning people about their safety ! Many people come to my office and mailing me, the are really worry.
How you can name this #Spam ??? You must be crazy.
After I delete this temporary second account. Before I ask to reconnect my main-account, what is linked to many other social media. But not any reaction or solution.
Ps. I ask her Name and address information, to open a case against this bitch. This is absolute not normal. I not want more use this Local Guides Connect for posting, but only for to have the button om my Google Maps, and create some points. (I was on level 3 already)

But anyway, when you want a real Local Guide, (and not want only a hello hello puppet) be free to contact me. "We are at your service"