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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

3BB Internet problems

3BB we stop / cancel our contract on the expiry date of this month. (9 July)

The reason is the continue problems with the internet connection.
Several years ago we had a perfect 3BB connection in the condo we lived in.
After we open in Sathorn a restaurant, we decide to use 3BB for our restaurant.
The install was perfect with all new cables included good service.

When we moved from Sathorn to Udomsuk we asked to move also the 3BB connection.

But from the start in Udomsuk we have only problems with 3BB
A cheap and quickly install / The see the (very) old cables in the building, the cut the cables and connect their own connection and their router.
From the first minute there were only problems. (losing speed)
The technical team came different times to check but with limited results.

In the main-time we ask 3BB the replace the router to another place.
We must pay over 400thb to move the router, but the problems where not solved.

A few weeks back the came again, and a connection was burned, but the placed a new connection-block, between the router and the main cable.
The engineer shorten the rotten cable and clean the inside cable, that was ''full of rust''

We have let tested the installation by another provider, And the also conclude that the very old rotten cables in the building not be able to use and full of rust.

In the over 2 years in Udomsuk, we receive not any reduction / promotion or free month payments for all their problems.

Than we decide to stop with these worse 3bb Internet provider.