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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

XeeMe is now Appearoo

XeeMe is now Appearoo

Xeeme change their name

Appearoo is an amazing software tool for you to gain more online influence by attracting more followers and giving your content a broader reach.
What we stand for
We fight for “democratization of influence”. Everybody who want to be influential should become influential. Our tools and techniques can help everybody – celebrity or not.
A word about influence
Influence is not about being a rocket scientist but the ability to involve a lot of people in what is important to you. The content you create, the opinion you express everything you sahre is important. Influence however is if you find many people who support you. Guess what, even if you are not creating any content yourself but share important content from others you may attract a lot of people and gain massive influence – news papers did that every day.
Celebrities, Public Figures And Now You! Content is king – appearoo gives you the influence
An amazing tool to grow influence
Content is king – appearoo gives you the influence. Your influence is growing as people find your content and support it. Appearoo is the tool that allows you to show all the networks where you share content with a single link: Your personal appearoo URL –
Who should use it
Celebrities, public figures, sport stars, scientists, politicians, activists, power networker, everybody who want to be found and want to make it easy for their friends, fans and customers to find their content. If you have no opinion, rather not share anything, or afraid of being online, appearoo won’t be helpful to you.


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XeeMe is now Appearoo
XeeMe is now Appearoo, @appearoo gives you the influence - #appearance
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