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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Thai Soap Series

A great example of bad influence for the youth.

When you look the all have the same style / makeup / hairdresser / ......
The name it movie stars, but in reality the are all fake (a few exceptions)
Not one has a Hollywood value.
What is the mean point.
1/ Bad acting
2/ All (must)screaming
3/ All must can (fake) fighting
4/ All must can shooting.
5/ ......and so on.

 (The most actress has a fake silicone nose)

Every evening the one after an other.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Bangkok Tuk Tuks Hangouts for youth

Tuk Tuks idial places to stay at night as hangout for young people.
 On several parking spaces you see many young people hang in these tuk tuks.

The Using drugs (ja ba) screaming, fighting with each other.
Some become aggressive about these drugs and destroy belongings in the neighbourhoods.

The coming with or without motorbikes and searching special for these "Tuk Tuks" to hangout.
You see them in all ages (Also sometimes very young - around 10 years old)

You see them also with teen girls.
It's a shame that some of these beautiful girls lose their virginity and future.

Where the find each other > in schools and Internet Shops.
These Internet shops are hotbeds for the youth.
These youngsters live on the streets until 6am in the morning.
Is this the future for the youngsters in Thailand ???

And the big problem is: Nobody give a fuck and do nothing.