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Monday, 10 July 2017

#Indonesia - Talaud Islands regency celebrates anniversary on uninhabited island.

Talaud Islands regency in North Sulawesi held a festival on Monday as part of its 15th anniversary celebration.

The Sara Island Festival reportedly attracted some 5,000 visitors, who participated in the event’s various activities, such as tug of war and ship decorating competitions.

 “The festival aimed to boost tourism in the region as Talaud has many potential tourist attractions that are unique and enchanting,” said Talaud Islands Regent Sri Wahyumi Maria Manalip.

To travel to the uninhabited Sara Island, a destination popular for its underwater paradise, white sand beaches and three-colored seawater, visitors need to take a 30-minute ride on a small boat that can be rented for between Rp 300,000 ($22.36) and Rp 400,000.

“Several cottages and clean water facilities have been built on the island, but we’re keeping it uninhabited because the atmosphere feels different if nobody permanently lives on it,” Sri added.
Source - TheJakartaPost