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Friday, 30 October 2015

What they talking about ?

What means "Pro"
NO more than a attack on your wallet.

When you have or make good content (not copy) you are on the good way.
The most SEO agents help for a short time, but this you can do by your self.
Not pay any expensive SEO agents or Pro programs.

Some people blame me to post only birds and bees.
But what is their "Rating" the also has a 100% facebook score ?
The powers is to make a mix with Business and fun.

Facebook is the best way to connect your customers.
Use groups & Pages.

Google+ is on the moment bullshit, you become only a few likes (+1)
Google is usefull to make connections with

Twitter is a good connecting tool.
But you must also pay when you are on the limit of 2000 followers.

LinkedIn is good for business, you can connect to the right people.

Pinterest is also a useful program, but you need the time for make a description, and not forget your weblink.  

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