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Thursday, 14 August 2014

We are at your Service


 Yesterday a customer invite me for a talk.
We met him in a lobby of a hotel.
When we say we can boost up his business and want build a Business #Network for him, he say: 'Every child can make a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, .....'
YES I say: Every farmer too !
But the point is the all must connect with each other, and that a child not can do.
After all, they understand, and we get the order.
We are always open to our customers, they must satisfy with the to building business network.

We prefer always a first meeting on a relaxing place, that give more trust.
The can also come to our office, but that is sometimes to official.

When you want we #Boost your #Business, be free to ask any questions.
"We are at your Service"

We happy to make a appointment with you.

Contact us:
Contact person: G.Tienkamp
(nickname Peter)