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Sunday, 5 August 2018

#Thailand and Big Joke roll out the red carpet for VIP tourists: they mean the Chinese

A special lane at Suvarnabhumi airport has been inaugurated - it is for the ease and convenience of Chinese visitors. 

 Thailand's poster boy top cop Maj Gen "Big Joke" Surachet Hakpal - deputy commissioner of the tourist police - and Pol Maj Gen Pritthipong Prayoonsiri at Region 2 immigration have shaken hands on the deal that provided the new lane.


 Both major generals were at Suvarnabhumi yesterday evening for a PR exercise assuring Chinese media that everything was all well and good in Thailand for their nationals.

The TPB website said that Thailand did not want to be seen as taking advantage of the Chinese.

They said VIP measures were already in place to give them every assistance from the plane to their waiting transport outside the airport.

They said they were looking at short term and long term answers to problems faced by Chinese tourists.

 Though they did not mention if this was in response to bad press after the boat accident in Phuket recently that saw many Chinese cancel their holidays.

Thaivisa notes that the accident claimed many lives and has had the Thai authorities scurrying to repair the damage. Many will see the latest gesture as part of that and ask the question:

"What about other nationalities?"

Source - TheNation

Sunday, 7 May 2017

#Thailand - Senior policeman turns himself in to face underage sex charge.

Local authorities inspect night entertainment places in Mae Hong Son's Pai district.

A HIGH-RANKING police officer accused of buying the services of an underage prostitute turned himself in yesterday as local authorities in Mae Hong Son stepped up surveillance of human trafficking and vice in the province.

According to Mae Hong Son police station superintendent Satasak Pimolthip, Chai Prakan police station deputy superintendent Pol Lt Col Mongkol Panti had acknowledged sexual involvement with a girl younger than 15.
It was reported that after Mongkol was told the allegation against him, police conducted a brief interrogation before releasing him. He is alleged to have bought sex from the young girl brought by prostitute provider Kwanhatai Ruekudom, who has already been arrested for human trafficking.
Mongkol is accused of having sex with the girl in his home in Mae Hong Son while he worked in the province.
Officials in Mae Hong Son have been trying to repair the province’s damaged reputation after a large human trafficking and sex network was exposed there. Steps are being taken to avoid similar activity in the future.
Mae Hong Son district chief Phisit Bunkitanan said that local authorities held a meeting with local businesses, hotels and restaurants to discuss prevention of human trafficking. More than 50 representatives attended.
 “We need to urgently solve this chronic problem [human trafficking] since it has already made headlines nationwide and harmed the reputation of the province,” Phisit said.
On Friday night, the Mae Hong Son Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office and local authorities led a team to inspect businesses in Pai, another famous tourist attraction. 
Source - TheNation