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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Coffee Cup Size - Bangkok

lets you pick your cup from menu on models’ breasts

 A new coffee shop has become a hot topic of discussion online after photos of a male customer picking his coffee from a menu on a model’s chest circulated online.
But can you actually touch the pretties? Nope, you can only point (and obviously take a photo of yourself pointing at them and Instagram it).
“No, customers aren’t allowed to feel the models. They can only point [at the menu],”
The shop owner said the models will stand by for a few days, but if his business can still afford having models in the cafe, he’d like to continue hiring them to entertain customers.
The baristas and waiters also wear T-shirts with the menu printed on them. But he said that the oh-so-tight tank tops are just for the pretties.
While some people say the women in tank tops are sexist, the shop owner said that a pretty in a tank top is nothing compared to what goes on at the Motor Show.
"It's their opinion. I'm happy that people are paying attention to the cafe. It just means my marketing plan is successful."
Surprisingly, he said most of his customers are normal office people and university students who need their morning coffee.