Thursday, 17 November 2022

Lush lotus flowers in Northern Thai province draw tourists

Lush pink lotus flowers in one northern Thai province are drawing tourists. Bueng Boraphet, a lake and swamp in Nakhon Sawan province, currently has lotuses covering an area of over 100 rai.

A staffer at the Bueng Boraphet Wildlife Sanctuary Office said the lotuses have been blooming since early this month. The staffer said the lotuses are expected to bloom throughout swamps in early December. Bueng Boraphet is the largest freshwater swamp and lake in Thailand.

Flower lovers can hire a private boat operator to see the lotuses up close. Prices start from 600 baht per hour for a 12-seater boat.

Those interested in getting a view of the stunning lotuses can call the Bueng Boraphet Wildlife Sanctuary Office via at 056-009-717.

Nakhon Sawan isn’t the only northern Thai province where flowers are blooming. Seasonal golden flowers in Mae Hong Son province also have tourists flocking. The provincial tourism office chief said that hotels and resorts are reporting up to 75% occupancy. This, he said, is a much higher occupancy rate than the rates seen during other times of the year.

Tourists are flocking to the Khun Yuam district to gaze at the scenic Dok Bua Tong flowers, also known as Mexican sunflowers.

With cool winter weather, this is a good time to camp and go outside in Mae Hong Son and other northern Thai provinces. Last week, the glorious view of one mountain in Thailand’s iconic northern province of Chiang Mai drew hundreds of tourists.

If you’re thinking of visiting northern Thailand, Nakhon Sawan’s lotuses, Mae Hong Son’s golden flowers, and views in Chiang Mai are beautiful sites to see.

Source - The Thaiger