Saturday, 12 November 2022

More than 57,000 passengers arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday

 Thailand - More than 57,000 international passengers arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday, confirmed by Immigration Officers.
Immigration Bureau Spokeman Major Geneneral Choengron Rimphadee confirmed yesterday (November 10th) that there were about 25 international flights arriving at the Suvarnabhumi Airport with about 57,000 passengers. Of those 49,000 were foreigners.

This is approaching the same average numbers before Covid-19 which was approximately 60,000 people a day. During this time there are up to 3,000 passengers arriving at the airport per hour. Immigration Officers can check their passports at 3,500 people in half an hour. Immigration stated that they can still manage with no passengers needing to wait outside the main Immigration area.

TPN notes, however, that many complaints have surfaced online from tourists arriving stating that they personally found the arrival process hectic and crowded, depending on the time of day of arrival.

Immigration, however, has blamed most of the issues on airlines or language and communication issues with tourists from some countries and not their own staffing or processing.

Source - Pattaya News