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Saturday, 2 September 2017

#Indonesia - Jepara regency offers new diving spot at Panjang Island.

If you’re still unsure on what to do over the long weekend, here’s a suggestion: Snorkeling or diving at Panjang Island, Jepara regency, Central Java.

This relatively new diving spot has the depth of 2.5 to 5 meters and houses plenty of fish species such as clown fish and kete kete.

To go there, tourists can travel by boat from Kartini Island. Diving equipments and tour guides are available on site.

“All of the tour guides have snorkeling certifications. We’ve also prepared special underwater cameras for tourists,” said Jogoloyou Jepara maritime and fisheries monitoring society (POKMASWAS) head, Mustain.

Visitors will also learn about the importance of preserving coral reefs at this place. The POKMASWAS community itself has been actively doing coral reefs transplantations and attachments since 2012.

Jepara regency has plenty of tourist attractions to explore such as Karimun Jawa and Ombak Mati beach in Bondo. The latter one is a rather unique place as the beach has no waves, hence the name ombak mati (dead waves).

As for accommodation, there are more than 1,200 places to stay in the Jepara province.
 Source - TheJakartaPost

PS. #Facebook not fuck me again to block my postings and pointed as spam, you idiots.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Value of Posting

* The Value of Posting on Facebook *

(Also your Thai staff have to listen)
There many options to reach more Future Viewers / Customers.
Use a Hashtag ### for your Post - Example ‪#‎Bangkok‬ - But 'NOT' to much.
Not post quickly, but post with your heart. (and you go see the results)
After the posting, you click on the picture and "AD LOCATION" . so you become in the Facebook (map) dictionary. (Great value)

Same your Profile Picture.
Facebook & Google has Face-Recognizing.
Use a recent photo of your self, not a picture from the past or your baby, that has not any value. 

* Another Value *

Give your Profile & Cover Picture a real good description.
Eventually with your business / website-link.
In a week Facebook & Google search pick this up, and you go see the results.

We go continue give free SEO tips.
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Monday, 7 July 2014

Sunday, 29 June 2014

#Facebook World


Some people lives only in their own Facebook World.
But there is more outside this World.

There over 500 more social Media Sites Like:

TOP 10:

With Google+ you become really more views than on Facebook.
For your business is Linkedin also more useful.

There several sites you can link them together like:

Open your eyes, and not focus only on Facebook.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

What brings your mind to 'Suicide'?

What brings your mind to 'Suicide'?

1th/ When you have a very bad experience with people.
3th/ When you told people in confidence, and the break your trust.
4th/ When you think you sit so deep, and think there is no way out.

Than you must fighting for your life (same me) every day.

I want to tell you the truth what happened with my life.

In 2002 I tried a suicide attempt (gas) after my beautiful Thai wife leave me.
After when I come out the rescue clinic (Wolfheze / Netherlands), a psychiatrist contact me, outside the clinic and offer me help to bring back my previous Thai wife.
But he was a wolf in a sheepskin, and he live 2 life's.
He bring me so far, I must kill a Thai girl for him in the North of Thailand (Nan).
Her name was "Pleun" - I never forget. (I not want kill anybody)
But I go to see her, and talk the truth and warning her where I come for.
After we are good friends, I see there also a grandchild from this Mafia psychiatrist.
When I go in March 2003 go visit my mother, this gang pick me up at Schiphol Airport, and put me in a trunk of a car. (4 man) Then the put me 4 days in a basement-cell. The blame me for not have done their job. In the mean time the use my credit-cards for expensive objects. Then I must go with some Antillean's, do bad jobs, but in the mean time I try to contact some friend for a way out.
I escape and a Mollucan friend help on some money and his car.
I become with help from the mayor from the village I lived before on a new passport.
Than my mother helped me on a ticket to go back Bangkok.
The threaten my mother to kill her when I not do their job.
The say, we put your mother in a black dead bag.

My mother her last words were: God is on my side, and say please go back to Bangkok.
After when I come back in Bangkok, all my staff was gone.
This psychiatrist-mafia gang send my staff away, and show them before my old passport, and say, Peter (Gerrit) is dead.
I contact some old friend for help.
This gang steal before all my belongings and properties, the take the whole safe with all paperwork with them.

My life was empty for the first time !

With good friends I Re-start "Siam Trading" and get back in business, and go slowly try forget everything.

In 2010 came again a very bad man in my life. I meet this (Dutch-man living in Chalong Phuket) on Facebook. This was / is the most bad experience in my live. For this you must follow this link:

My life was empty for the Second time !

When I come back in Bangkok in October 2012, I must start again from the bottom, with 8 Thai Baht in my pocket. With a lousy health I must pick up my life. Happily with some very good friends I re-start my life for the 3th time. I know God bless them.

Half 2013 I meet some #Fake friends from #LYONESS, a shopping community from Austria on #Facebook
I setup a major network for them, (but I not a Austrian) and the steal my whole down-line.
The have over 2 full years not 3000 members in whole Thailand, a country with 70.000.000 people. Is this business ? "It is to bad for words" - Total wrong Management.

Now I'm on the point to setup again a brand new online shopping store.
This to forget, what i with started in the beginning of this story.

With this, I want warning you not to do business with people on #Fake #Facebook ! 

Don't worry I can take care my self.
God is with me.
One day I'm so happy when I not more wake up.

Maybe I go recover this this text later !
Please come back again.