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Friday, June 6, 2014

My roommate died.

My roommate died today (accident) now I feel very bad. (5 Juni 2014)
I know, I go miss him very badly, he was always around me.
I not want throw her into the garbage (we daily to close), so I bought a beautiful plant, and replanted, and buried my roommate into it. Now I name it my mouse-plant and can be with me.
I'm not sentimental.Maybe you think this guy is crazy ?
But when you know want happened in Phuket / Chalong (2012) and I was on the point to made suicide, worked there under pressure by an idiot. And came mental sick back in Bangkok, then you understand.
In 2012 I was Threatened, Humiliated, Hit in the face, Spit in my face, and so more.....
Lived for months controlled behind after many cameras.
Now I fall back with mental problems because all the memories.
So small "Russian Mouse" always around you give you Love, Compassion.
Now my life is again empty.
It is absolutely not to explain.
But I must live with that.
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Really appreciate that.