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Sunday, 20 March 2016

10 things you should NEVER do when you visit Thailand!

Thailand is a wonderful country. When you visit Thailand or plan to spend time in this country, then you should avoid a few important things. Most Thai people are conservative. You should be extremely careful with everything concerned with the king and the religion. Here’s a little list I’ve compiled of things you should not do whilst in Thailand.

1. Do not raise your voice or get angry with locals

It makes me incredibly uncomfortable to see foreigners (‘Farangs’) come to Thailand, and start ranting and raving aggressively at the locals. Thai people generally do not shout at each other or show anger – everything is done with a smile, however annoyed they are.

Reasons for this foreign aggression usually include: the fact that foreigners often expect all Thai people to be fluent in English, combined with the fact that things in Thailand do not happen at the same pace or with the same efficiency (or level of stress?) that they do in the West. If you’re easily wound up by people not understanding your machine-gun garbled English, and expect things to happen as and when you click your fingers, I’d suggest you headed somewhere else on holiday. (Be warned, beneath the smiley Thai demeanor lies a raging monster waiting to explode – and should you push them far enough, you will not know what hit you.)