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Friday, 9 October 2015

EU criticism of Thailand 'misguided'

The EU, a group of Criminals and Nazi's.

 Thailand has expressed its disappointment over the European parliament's damning resolution on human rights situation in the Kingdom, saying it did not reflect the reality of the ground.

 The resolution did not reflect a clear understanding of the situation and developments in Thailand and the government's efforts to protect and promote human rights, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Sek Wannamethee.

"Thailand respects and is committed to its international obligations on human rights and it clings onto the roadmap towards an election," he said.

The European parliament on Thursday adopted a non-binding resolution by 581 votes to 35, with 35 abstentions, to express its concerns at the "deteriorating human rights situation in Thailand following the illegal coup of May 2014".

It urged the government to lift repressive restrictions on the right to liberty and the peaceful exercise of other human rights.

It called on the authorities to overturn convictions and sentences, withdraw charges and release individuals and media operators who have been sentenced or charged for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression or assembly.

The European parliament also urged the authorities to abolish the death penalty and asked the European External Action Service and the EU Delegation to use all available instruments to ensure respect for human rights and the rule of law in Thailand, in particular by continuing to observe investigations and trials of opposition leaders.

Sek said Thailand was ready to listen to constructive recommendations which were based on accurate information and it would cooperate with the EU in all aspects and levels.

Source: The Nation