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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Thailand - Sexy spirits: Topless paranormal YouTube show goes viral

Screenshot from the latest episode of "Hien Show." 

While Thai netizens have previously been known to criticize raunchy YouTube videos, a show where two topless girls visit a haunted house in Bangkok has become a recent hit.

Maybe it’s because it’s a surprise when the seemingly innocent girls suddenly strip off their clothes, or maybe it’s because Thais can’t get enough of all things spooky, but either way the latest episode of “Hien Show,” or “Haunted Show,” has clocked over 360,000 hits since it was posted Saturday.

 The latest episode features four hosts visiting a haunted house on Kaset Nawamin Road, with two sexy guests being tested on their observational skills. The forfeit for getting the questions wrong? Yep, taking their clothes off.

"There was a murder at this house. Locals say they hear the shrill of a woman's voice at night About the case, we cannot reveal any information," a male host in the video said in a lowered voice.
Yep, it’s as nonsensical as it sounds, but the feedback from viewers has been surprisingly mostly positive, with most liking what they saw or just amused by how ridiculous it is.

“Why don’t you just change the name of the show to ‘The Horny Show’?” one user commented.
The two ladies, Mia and Fone, were asked to light 50 joss sticks inside the house while playing a Buddhist incantation in the background to make the scene even creepier. The contestant who finished first, won the round.

The ladies were then asked questions testing their observational skills from being inside the house, for example how many shrines there were.

If they got a question wrong, they had to take off one item of clothing.
You can pretty much guess how it ends.


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