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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Diving around Phuket

As in many sports the key to the full enjoyment of scuba diving is proper preparation, and practicing safe procedures before, during, and after the dive.
Phuket has an excellent safety record and we hope you will enhance that record by Phuket has a number of very professional dive shops, and the world-class diving here attracts some of the best diving instructors and Divemasters in the world.

 Choose them with care, and then let them do their job, your enjoyment and safety is their primary concern. 
There is no better place than Phuket to become a certified diver or to upgrade your level of diving skills.

The warm turquoise blue water of the Andaman Sea offers a superb underwater classroom. Most of professional dive shops  offer a full range of diving classes that allow you to earn full PADI or NAUI certification. 
Going with a diving school considered by PADI to be qualified to keep professional diving instructors up-to-date in their profession would seem a good bet for students at any level.

You do not have to know anything more than how to swim to take a course. 
It is not even necessary to be in tip-top condition physical condition as the courses are designed to make learning enjoyable. 
The dive shops carry a full line of dive equipment for use by students and also for rental.