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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

American Bullshit

You want to listen every day to the American Bulsshit ?
You want listen to all the stories about the #Vietnam War ?
All the Veterans you can find in Bangkok at Sukhumvit.

Sorry, but the all a little crazy or brainwashed, the tell you everyday the same stories.
The Dynasty Inn at Soi 4 in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, is their main hangout.

When you come there the first time it is nice, but when you remain, you get sick from these stories.
All these veterans are retired from the US army, but living in Thailand.
The most not want go back, about the not receive their respect in the states.

It is a pitty that this kind of people not become the care and respect the earn.
Now the all live in their own small forgotten world.

Personally, I feel sorry for them.