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Monday, October 5, 2015

#Bangkok, Arrest warrant approved for suspicious backpacker

Dusit District Court has approved an arrest warrant for an unidentified foreigner who entered the military court a day before bombing suspects Yusufu Mieraili and Adem Karadag were transferred to the military remand prison.

Images from security cameras at the military court show the man go inside the court on on Sept. 25 and then wander around each floor.

He reportedly took the elevator and went up to the fourth floor, walked to the roof deck and stayed there for awhile. The man later walked down to the third floor, reportedly surveying the area before descending the elevator to the first floor.

He was wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers and was carrying a black backpack.
After authorities saw the CCTV footage, bomb squad officers were deployed to search every floor inside the court.

When no explosive device was found, officials assumed he was a tourist looking for a bathroom.
"We were not sure what the situation was and could not identify if he was a foreigner or not. He could be a tourist because the court is open to the public, and many people stop by to use the bathroom," Deputy Judge Advocate General Krisda Charoenpanich said last Monday.

 However, even though the court is open to the public, the arrest warrant was approved at the request of Chana Songkram Police Station and the man has been charged with trespassing on a property without appropriate reasons. A five-year limitation period applies to his warrant, state media reported.

Source: Coconuts