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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dirty water: Most water vending machines in Bangkok fail quality test

Feeling thirsty in the Bangkok heat? Well, it is probably best you avoid drinking water from vending machines after a recent survey found over a half of water vending machines in Bangkok are dirty.

The Independent Organisation for Consumers Protection took water samples from a total of 855 coin operated machines in Bangkok and found several factors make the drinking water unsafe.

An alarming 94% of the vending machines fail water quality tests, and 94.8% use tap water to produce drinking water.

The survey also found 55.2% are unclean, 42.9% have unclean valves, 29.4% are rusty, 21.1% are corroded, and 11.2,% leak.

Only 43.3% are cleaned once a month.

In addition, most of these machines were installed at inappropriate places near garbage bins and waste water ditches, reported ThaiPBS English.

Users of the vending machines have been advised to thoroughly check the physical condition of machines before buying drinking water.

Source: Coconuts