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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Naked Farrang Chick Riding Around Soi Nana, #Bangkok

A photo of a naked white chick on the back of a motorbike on Soi 4 was doing the rounds yesterday on social media with many asking was it a fake.

 It turns out it was the real thing and today Facebook user Simon Richardson uploaded a video of the farrang frutloop zipping up and down Soi 4 naked as the day she was born on the back of a bike much to the delight of those working and drinking in the bars lining the street.

 No background story on what her naked bike ride or walkabout was all about but I’m sure the boys in brown from Lumpini wouldn’t mind taking her in for some questioning and unlikely to be in a hurry to get any answers.

Woman Arrested For Naked Bike Ride.

 Will we be seeing the naked biker in an ankle length skirt, long sleeves and turtleneck with the obligatory shades and baseball hat in the next day or two?
I doubt it unless the Thai media pick up the story.

Video 3

 Clips of the woman walking along Soi 3 naked much to the delight of those hanging around.

A woman was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning by officers from Lumpini Police Station after videos and photos of her naked in downtown Bangkok had been widely shared online over the past 48 hours.

The 20-year-old exhibitionist, identified as Nagwa Bassre, caused a stir on lower Sukhumvit on Sunday afternoon when she went for a walk up Soi 3 butt-naked before jumping on a motorbike taxi and going for a spin down Soi 4 much to the delight of daytime drinkers.

The Sukhumvit streaker first came to the attention of local cops when a photo of her on the back of a motorbike was widely shared on Sunday before video footage of her antics went viral on Monday.
It was initially thought the naked farrang chick was a Russian hooker who had been plying her trade on Soi 3 but we now know that not to be the case following Miss Bassre’s arrest.
I don’t have any details on any charges or fines dished out by police but will update if that info becomes known.

Source: Stickboy Bangkok