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Friday, 5 February 2016

Ticket to Paradise

A scene from the film “Ticket to Paradise”

 Global Alliance Against Traffic In Women (GAATW) will hold film screenings of two documentaries, Ticket to Paradise and Becky’s Journey, revolving around the concepts of human trafficking, the sex trade, and migration.

Ticket to Paradise, which will be screened first at 7pm, looks at the northeastern part of Thailand and identifies two types of families; one where daughters marry Western men, and one where they don’t. The first live in concrete buildings, the latter in small wooden cottages.

For the young girls in the village, tickets to paradise mean finding a Western husband. That’s why they all look up to Sommai, who previously worked in a factory in Denmark, hoping she can help fulfill their dreams of finding Western partners. 

Meanwhile, for the newlywed Kae, such a journey means forsaking her child. As for Saeng, her ticket to paradise lies in the sex bars of Pattaya.

Through several Thai women's stories, Ticket to Paradise shows how the mechanism of supply and demand works in a globalized world. To Thai women, Denmark and the Western world are a paradise, and vice versa.

Becky’s Journey, screening at 8:30pm, tells the story of a 26-year-old Nigerian woman who wishes to become a sex slave in Europe.

The first time she tried, she was stopped with fake documents in the airport in Nigeria. Becky then decides to embark on a journey to Italy through Africa’s deserts. Through interviews and narration, the film looks at human trafficking, sex work, and migration through the Becky’s perspective.

At the end of the screening, there will be a discussion with Sam Plambech, a Danish social anthropologist and filmmaker.

The screenings take place on Feb. 18, from 7pm onward, at Jam Bar, BTS Surasak Exit 2. Entry is free.

Source: Coconuts

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Thai Friendship

When you married in the west, you married a wife.
When you married in Thailand, you married the whole family too.
When you're not strong enough the use you only for money.

I give you example:
A girl ask me to visit her village.
I say, I want to look your country but only for a few holidays.
She agree, and we booking a trip up country.
We come in her village, and the same minute the halve village stay around us.
The speak of course Thai, but I understand what the talking about.
Their first question was "He has money" > The second to the girl, you go married with him, than we can arrange a party.

I listen and say (in Thai) I come only look your nice country.
From that moment the mother, not like to speak me anymore.
I say to the girl, come (when you want) we take a hotel in a neighbor village or city.

The friendship was already broken.