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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Remarkable Holiday stories and experience.

Remarkable Holiday stories and experience.
Many people going year after year to the same holiday destination.
And when you ask why, the don't know the answer.
You can give people (travel) advice, but the not really listen.
Is it tunnel vision or only laziness ?
I think the last.

It is the same with a booking !
The booking many years at the same agency.
But there so many ways to safe money.
The booking regular at,,,, ......
But there is a program / company with all in one, and give you always the cheapest price or discount.
Yes it is the laziness to search.

We give you online or skype, or on our office free advice.
And alert you on this options you can have to safe money.

We wish you a wonderful holiday.


Opmerkelijke verhalen en ervaringen.
Veel mensen die jaar na jaar naar dezelfde vakantiebestemming gaan.
En als je vraagt waarom, dan weten ze niet het antwoord.
Je kunt mensen (reis) advies te geven, maar ze luisteren niet echt.
Is het tunnelvisie of slechts luiheid?
Ik denk het laatste.

Het is hetzelfde met een boeking!
Ze boeken van vele jaren bij hetzelfde bureau.
Maar er zoveel manieren om geld te besparen.
Ze boeken regelmatig op,,,, ......
Maar er is een programma / bedrijf met alles in een, en geven u altijd de goedkoopste prijs of korting.
Ja het is de luiheid te zoeken.

Wij geven u online of skype, of op ons kantoor gratis advies.
En waarschuwen u op deze opties die je kunt hebben om geld te besparen.

Wij wensen u een heerlijke vakantie.



Monday, 30 June 2014



It take years to build up !
It can break in seconds.
And never to Repair !

Some times it is easy to trust someone, but be careful in this time.
Every day come more #Fake people in your life !
The only try to #Use you, for their own benefits.

Why I tell you this ?
Life experience !
When you are to social, you quickly walk to a wall.
I meet several times #Fake people in my life.

In 2002 after I came out a mental hospital, I meet a man the want to help me to build up my life after sit in the deep.
But in the beginning he talk smooth and look trustful, but he was a sheep in a wolf skin.
But I not want think about that more, he has his #Karma and died already.
Hopefully he burn in hell !

In 2005 I meet a guy in Bangkok and we long time friends, but he has one big problem, he was always drunk.
When he not was drunk, he was a very nice and good guy.
We did several years a small business together.
But one day, I became a email, with the message he was back to Holland and stay in a AA clinic for his alcohol problem.
I give him all support, but after I hear several years nothing from him.
In 2013 I become a text message on my mobile, with where are you and he want give my money back.
Than again months silence.
When I self also back in Bangkok he contact me and want come to me in Bangkok, for do business again together.
But he came back drunk and without my money.
After several days he go back Holland, and I lose my money.
Never trust Alcoholics again.

In 2010 I meet a friendly man on Facebook, but after all he also a sheep in a wolf skin.
He was also Dutch, and think it is easy to talk in the same language !!!!
He has a Hosting Company in Chalong / Phuket.
I do visit him in 2012 and we make a work deal.
I move (trust) my business websites to him server, but than the big problems starting.
All my metatags (Keywords) disappeared in my own websites.
And again my business go down, and I Independent on him.
Be contined 
Don't worry, I'm ok now.